Thank you!

Your support is important and appreciated.

Here is a list of contributions, where The Friends have provided support to the library.

1. Children’s Library Enhancements
2. Children's Garden Maintenance
3. STEM Program
4. Two HP Laptops
5. Window Cleaning
6. Bose Sound System
7. Audio System

8. Yamaha Keyboard
9. Two Laptops
10. Access AV
11. Audio Visual Project
12. Heating System Upgrade
13. Wireless Printer
14. Book Cart
15. Owl Audio-Visual Device (for virtual meetings)

16. Chairs and Two Chair Carts
17. Battery Recycling Program
18. Trash Recycling Station
19. 2 I-pads
20. 2 Stools (for presentations)
21. I-pad Pen

The Friends support the library for items that are important and not associated with the library’s operating budget.