Membership Request to Vote

As you may know, the Library Gala for 2024 is fast approaching (April 28th).

In a discussion with us, Clare came up with a beautiful idea.

The idea is to allow library staff to attend the Gala. Historically, the staff did not attend the Gala for various reasons, and this is a missed opportunity for staff to get to know people who attend the Gala and to express appreciation for the hard-working library staff (including volunteers).

We are requesting you to vote for ten members of the library staff to attend this year’s Gala. We will not be placing any restrictions on who gets to attend. The library will make the decisions.

We also realize this money will be donated to the library’s general fundraising efforts. Therefore, The Friends will not define how the funds will be used.

The Gala is the single biggest fundraising effort for the library and supporting staff to attend is good for staff morale, the relationship between donors and staff, and therefore good for our community.

Also, we will be supporting the library (our main mission) by contributing to their fundraising.

The total amount of this request is $1,750.

Our current back balance is: $24,241.06

Please cast your vote below. Note that we will be closing this vote at the end of the day on Friday, March 29th.

Thank you,

The Officers and the Executive Committee

If an initial vote request does not deliver a quorum, a second vote will be conducted. For this second vote, if a member does not vote, the member’s vote will be considered a vote for the majority position on the item being voted on. 

Cast your Vote Below

Do you vote in favor of funding the cost of 10 members of the library staff and/or volunteers to attend the 2024 Library Gala?